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About Us


Passionate about Quality.



Venilux produces decorative products in lime paste and powder of excellent quality, particularly appreciated in the architectonic restoration field. All of our products are composed of very fine micro-filtered grassello (lime). The best Italian tradition in the field of mural finishing is represented by products like Grassello, Venetian Plaster, Marmorino and Intonachino.


VeniLux puts at disposal a tincture system to create the complete range of colors of our catalog Luxury & Lime; theoretical and practical lessons

to apply decorative, commercial support and marketing, sample charts of the various materials and the supply of products for Private labels.





ECO friendly
The lime-based products of Venilux has a superior quality and ecologic value which projects our company to the green division.

What is Venetian Plaster?



Venetian plaster is putty made from fired limestone and water. When the two are mixed you end up with Lime Plaster. The lime plaster is to be applied to walls or ceilings just like normal plaster, however once it dries up you aren’t left with a boring off-white surface, instead you have yourself a stunning and vibrant finish.

Venetian plaster turns a complete circle, beginning as limestone, made into putty, and then ending as limestone again, once applied then naturally dried. Venetian plaster is a material that has endured the test of time both physically and aesthetically.  




Become a Certified Venilux Installer


Our courses are a good investment for the growth of your professional career and increased skill set.

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